April 14-16, 2023
Collins Road Theatres • Marion, Iowa

The Iowa Connection

CRIFF celebrates the fact that people with ties to Iowa are in the production industry EVERYWHERE. We search for films from anywhere and by anyone, who just happen to have an Iowa connection.

That could be a crew or cast member who lived, worked or went to school in Iowa; a film that was produced, at least in part, in Iowa; or a story featuring an Iowa subject or Iowan (present or former, real or fictional).

 We’ve had films submitted from all across the US, and around the world! We tell skeptical filmmakers that if you don’t think your film qualifies, ask around…you just might have an Iowan on set!

We don’t like to brag, but 2023 was one of the BEST CRIFFs EVER! Ninety-nine outstanding films were entered, the most since 2007! Iowa Connected filmmakers are doing amazing things!

Our distinguished panel of judges made 51 Official SelectionsEach film was screened twice, and the films competed for GOLD and SILVER EDDY Awards, presented in Professional, ProAm and Student categories for Features, Shorts, Documentaries, and “Freestyle” (experimental, music video, video art, etc.) films. The IOWA CONNECTION EDDY was awarded to the film that tells the world WHO is making films in Iowa, WHY they’re doing it in Iowa, and WHAT stories come from Iowa

Student Filmmakers are the future of the art and industry, and integral to the festival’s success. Our host venue generously continues its COLLINS ROAD THEATRES $1000 SCHOLARSHIP, awarded to a student filmmaker in order to further the recipient’s filmmaking education and career. NEW this year was Student Cinema Sunday, a special screening of just student films, followed by the presentation of the Student Audience Choice Eddy Award!

The Eddy Award Ceremony Saturday night, April 16th, was presented by FARMERS STATE BANK.

Congratulations to all the Official Selections, and special recognition to the following individuals and films!

Festival Director’s Awards for Significant Contributions to CRIFF and Iowa Filmmaking were presented to founder Scott Chrisman, with the festival since its inception in 2001; and Prescribed Films’ Mike Saunders and Jason Bolinger, having screened 23 films at CRIFF since 2005! 23!!

Eddy Award Winners

Student Freestyle

Gold – Heaven’s Ranch music video by Morgan Minear and Nate Kaiser, Loras College

Silver – The Edge, a group project by the Loras College Global Filmmaking Class of January 2020

Student Narrative Short Form Film

Gold – Alice by Matthew Williams, Loras College

Silver – (Un)alarmed by Logan Westin, Des Moines Central Campus

Student Documentary

Gold – A Spring for Ali by Katherine Eid, Maharishi International University

Silver – Kenosha: The Shooting of Jacob Blake by Jon Quinn, Loras College

Student Narrative Long-Form Film

Gold – The Way it Was by Jake Heelein and Nate Kaiser, Loras College

Silver – Exodus by Nathan Matthew Blizzard, Omaha

ProAm Freestyle

Gold – Black Excellence by Tone Da Boss by Josh Booth and Tone Da Boss, T1 Entertainment, Cedar Rapids

Silver – Strange Ballet by Carol Ann Montag, Cedar Rapids

ProAm Short Form

Gold – Letters by Eva Buenza, Sioux City

Silver – Dream Girl by Tristan Bennett, Cedar Falls

ProAm Documentary

Gold – Livestock on the Land by Nick Ohde, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Ames

Silver – Standing Strong: Elizabeth Catlett by Kevin Kelley and Marie Wilkes, New Mile Media Productions, Iowa City

ProAm Feature

Gold – You Should Have Killed Me by Michael James Minard, Cedar Rapids

Silver – To Live Again by Dr. Michael White and Shelby Hagerdon, Bitter Hipster Films, Sioux City

Professional Freestyle

Gold – The Voice in Isabell Fleiss’ Office by Jim Havercamp, written by Virgil Renfroe, Cedar Rapids

Professional Narrative Short Form

Gold – The King’s Eye by Tony Joseph Cross

Silver – Shout by Mason Greer

Professional Documentary

Gold – Greener Pastures by Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian

Silver – The Collins Story: Connecting the Moon to the Earth by Annette Juergens Busbee, Wired Production Group and the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association, Cedar Rapids

Professional Narrative Feature

Gold – Reveille by Film Farm Iowa – Michael Akkerman, Jorg Rochlitzer, Bernd WIttneben, Wellsburg

Silver – Between the Lines by Shelby Hagerdon and Michael White, Bitter Hipster Films, Sioux City

Collins Road Theatres $1000 Scholarship

PhD: Private High School Detective by Myles Strait, Oskaloosa

Iowa Connection Eddy Award

The King’s Eye by Tony Joseph Cross

Audience Choice Eddy Award

The Bridge by Courtney Ball, Cedar Rapids

Student Audience Choice Eddy Award

Zach Dies at Nine by Will Nachazel, University of Northern Iowa

We can’t wait to see you at the 2024 CRIFF!

The PDF version of the Official Program is still available!

Prototype for our brand new trophy!

The Eddy Awards

The Eddy Awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison who, among many other pursuits, was a pioneer in motion picture technology. The term eddy is also defined as “a current moving contrary to the direction of the main current,” which is a suitable description for independent filmmakers, who often go against the current trends in mainstream cinema.

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