Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a local-films-only festival?

Absolutely not! A big part of CRIFF is recognizing that people with ties to Iowa are in the production industry everywhere. We’re looking for films from anywhere and by anyone, just with an Iowa Connection of some sort…a crew or cast member who lived, worked or went to school in Iowa; a film that was produced, at least in part, in Iowa; or a story featuring an Iowa subject or Iowan (present or former, real or fictional). We’ve had films submitted from all across the US, and around the world! If you don’t think your film qualifies, ask around…you just might have an Iowan on set!

Will Collins Road Theatres be showing other films besides CRIFF entries?

Yes. The festival will be showing on 2 of the 5 screens Friday, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday afternoon. Saturday morning the festival will be on 5 screens. Current studio releases will be shown on the remaining screens, however these are not included in the festival admission.

Is CRIFF suitable for the whole family?

There is a variety of films for all age groups. Some may have stronger content unsuitable for small children. Our films have not been reviewed by the MPAA, however, we will make note of films that feature mature themes. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

I love independent film! How can I help out the festival?

CRIFF is entirely volunteer-organized, and funded primarily by entry fees and generous donations from our sponsors. If you’re interested in volunteering, serving our on Board, or making a donation, visit the Get Involved! page for more information, or reach out to one of our organizers.

I missed this year’s cutoff date. When can I submit my film for next year?

We launch the Call for Entries for the next year’s CRIFF every fall. To keep up-to-date on all such announcements, follow our Facebook page; add us to your FilmFreeway Watch List; and use the form below or on the Contact Page to get on the CRIFF email list.

What is ProAm?

For our purposes, a ProAm filmmaker is someone who earns less than 50% of their income from production activities (film, commercial production, event videography, TV news, etc.)

“A Pro-Am pursues an activity as an amateur, mainly for the love of it, but sets a professional standard. Pro-Ams are unlikely to earn more than a small portion of their income from their pastime but they pursue it with the dedication and commitment associated with a professional. For Pro-Ams, leisure is not passive consumerism but active and participatory; it involves the deployment of publicly accredited knowledge and skills, often built up over a long career, which has involved sacrifices and frustrations.”
From The Pro-Am Revolution, by Charles Leadbeater and Paul Miller

What food is available?

Collins Road Theatres has the BEST concessions in town, and the most affordable! They serve huge hot dogs, and fluffy popcorn with a do-it-yourself REAL BUTTER dispenser! The theatre is centrally located in a thriving retail and service neighborhood, with dozens of local and chain restaurants, bars and coffee shops within a short walk or drive. 

What else is there to do in the area?

Collins Road Theatre essentially straddles the border between Cedar Rapids and Marion, and attractions in both cities are nearby. You can find shopping, bowling, roller skating, playgrounds, nature trails, and more. For a complete guide to the area, visit Cedar Rapids Tourism

How about other amenities?

There are many hotels in the area – some are a 5-minute walk away, others are a 5-minute drive. The Collins Road Square strip mall has plentiful parking. Wanatee Park Campground is 10 minutes away, if you’re into roughing it.

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