2016 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival Announces

The Official Film Selections

Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers bring you the 2016 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2, at the Collins Road Theatres, 1462 Twixt Town Road, Marion, Iowa. The festival will showcase the work of filmmakers from across the state and around the country, all with strong connections to Iowa.

Many films were submitted for consideration. A panel of judges awarded 63 with Official Selection status. These films will go on to compete for Gold and Silver Eddy Awards and the Audience Choice and Iowa Connection Eddys, which will be presented at a Saturday night ceremony.

“It’s another fine crop of films this year. We are proud to showcase some great Iowa filmmakers,” said festival founder and director Scott Chrisman.

The Official Selections represent a wide variety of features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, and experimental films at Student, Pro-Am and Professional levels.

Films to be screened are:

"7 Layers of Ply" Director, Writer, Producer - Jake Roth (Dubuque, IA)
"A Conversation Between Joel and Carol" Writer, Director - Josh Fiser; Producer - Christy Weeks (Ames, IA)
"A World Without Teachers" Director - Christian Stow; Writers - Cole Brandt, Lauren Hass, Christian Stow, Zack Vogt, Evan Wheeler (Cedar Falls, IA)
"Any Slob can get a Job" Producer - Christian Stow; Writer - Troy McKay; Directed by 2015 Hawkeye Community College Cinematography Class (Ames, IA)
"Between Two Farmers" Director, Writer, Producer - Jordan Rottinghaus (Waterloo, IA)
"Brightside" Director - Michael P. Noens; Writers - Tricia Noens, Michael P. Noens, Jonathan C. Legat; Producers - Jonathan C. Legat, Michael P. Noens (Palatine, IL)
"Brown Gold" Director - Brad Mowrey; Produced by Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center and Family Folk Machine (Iowa City, IA)
"Clarity " Director, Writer - Scott Van Daalen, Producer - Eric Johnson (Okoboji, IA)
"Come and See" Director, Writer - Jon Dziuk, Producer - Trevor Coberly (Iowa City, IA)
"Cycle" Director, Writer, Producer - Matthew Birks (Iowa City, IA)
"Deja Vecu" Director, Writer, Producer - Christopher Metz (Kansas City, MO)
"Eviction Problem" Director, Producer - Derek Phelps; Writers - Zach Kneese & Derek Phelps (Waterloo, IA)
"Film #984" Director, Writer, Producer - Jacqui Fashimpaur (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"Four" Director - Finnegan Pilcher, Producer - Brock Stillmunks (Des Moines, IA)
"Fuel" Director, Producer - Tristan Bennett (Marion, IA)
"Gratuity (Appreciated)" Director - Caroline Taylor; Writer - Tony Perkins; Producer - Vanessa Magowan Horrocks (Minneapolis, MN)
"Guss Royall Live" Director, Producer - Christian Stow (Cedar Falls, IA)
"How to Not Love a Ghost" Director, Writer, Producer - Wonil Kang (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"Inference" Director, Writer, Producer - Mathew Townsley (DeWitt, IA)
"Invisible Threads" Director, Writer - Gary Ewing; Producer - Dave Beck (Mason City, IA)
"Iowa Harvest" Director, Writer, Producer - Jordan Rottinghaus (Waterloo, IA)
"Irish Legend" Director, Writer - Laura Johnson; Produced by The Johnson Strings (New Hartford, IA)
"Killer's Revenge" Director, Writer - David Nemeth; Producers - David Nemeth, Andrew Owens, & Broderick Whittier (Decatur, AL)
"Lennis Moore: Woodcut Print Artist" Director, Writer - Derek Nelson (Brooklyn, NY)
"Let's Do This: Facing Hodgkin Lymphoma" Director, Writer - Nathan Matta; Producers - Nathan Matta, Jake Bouma & Libby Bouma (Waukee, IA)
"Mary's Sister Margaret" Director, Writer, Producer - Devin Ferguson (Waterloo, IA
"Masterpiece" Directors, Producers - Meagan Flynn & Amber Rapp; Writer - Kristina Baker Smith (Alburnett, IA)
"Messing with Joe" Director, Writer, Producer - Derek Phelps (Waterloo, IA)
"Morgan and Kershaw" Director - Sean Prior; Written and Produced by Team F.I.I.P (Marion, IA)
"Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg" Directors - Garry McGee, Kelly Rundle; Writers, Producers - Garry McGee, Kelly Rundle, Tammy Rundle (Moline, IL)
"Pillow Talk" Director, Writer - Keaton Fuller; Producers - Keaton Fuller & Peder Goodman (Iowa City, IA)
"Punctual Paul" Director - Floyd Boldon; Writers - Floyd, Nia, & Evan; Producer - Nia Wilder (Waterloo, IA)
"Putting in Work" Director, Writer, Producer - Miguel Reyes (Ames IA)
"Remember Me Not" Director, Writer - Mason Greer; Producers - Mason Greer & Taylor Bluemel (Cedar Falls, IA)
"River to River: Iowa's Forgotten Highway 6" Director - Kelly Rundle; Writers - Kelly & Tammy Rundle; Producer - Tammy Rundle (Moline, IL)
"Road to the Open" Director, Writer - Cole Claassen; Producer - Troy McKay (Ames, IA)
"Shadow" Director, Writer, Producer - Lauren Hass (Waterloo, IA)
"Shattered Hopes" Directors, Writers, Producers - Finnegan Pilcher & Helena Gruensteidl (Des Moines, IA)
"The Adventure Brothers" Director - Daniel Rairdin-Hale (Davenport, IA)
"The Call" Directors, Writers, Producers - Rachel Chow & Abdul Mokhtar (Johnston, IA)
"The Cantor of Swabia" Directors - Sabine Gölz & Oleg Timofeyev; Producer - Sabine Gölz (Iowa City, IA)
"The Gurgle" Director, Writer, Producer - Paul Huenemann (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"The Hit" Director, Writer, Producer - Evan Wheeler (Dunkerton, IA)
"The Klostermann's Story" Director, Writer, Producer - Lauren Hass (Waterloo, IA)
"The Loss" Director, Writer, Producer - Kris Wille (Belle Plaine, IA)
"The Lumiere Brothers: A Legacy Set In Motion" Director, Writer, Producer - Anna Steenson (Des Moines, IA)
"The Misadventures of a Satanic Cult 6" Directors - Insane Mike Saunders & Jason Bolinger; Writer - Insane Mike Saunders; Produced by Prescribed Films (Ottumwa, IA)
"The Misadventures of a Satanic Cult 8" Directors - Insane Mike Saunders & Jason Bolinger; Writer - Insane Mike Saunders; Produced by Prescribed Films (Ottumwa, IA)
"The Orange Man" Director, Writer, Producer - Stephen Folker (Davenport, IA)
"The Pen" Director, Writer, Producer - Derek Nelson (Brooklyn, NY)
"The Pinkerton" Director, Writer - Matt Resnick; Producers - Matt Resnick & Sam Cihak (Des Moines IA)
"The Remnants of An Electrician" Director, Writer, Producer - Dacia Carter (Waterloo, IA)
"The Woods" Director, Writer, Producer - Remington Smith (Atlanta, GA)
"Theft Auto" Director, Writer, Producer - Matt Carney (Iowa City, IA)
"Through the Doorway" Directors - Alex Colby & Abdul Mokhtar; Writer - Alex Colby; Producer - Ian Shields (Des Moines, IA)
"True/False" Director, Producer - Alex Gibney (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"Urgent" Director, Writer - Nathan Willits (Aledo, IL)
"Vilaneel" Director, Writer, Producer - Nick Busch (Cedar Rapids, IA)
"We Three Kings" Director, Writer - Laura Johnson; Produced by The Johnson Strings (New Hartford, IA)
"What Happens in the Woods" Director - Adam Orton; Writer - Beau Batterson; Producers - Eric Benson & Beau Batterson (Waterloo, IA)
"What I Discovered" Director, Writer - Channing Whitaker; Producer - Kristy Whitaker (Houston, TX)
"Whiskey Cookers: The Amazing True Story of the Templeton Bootleggers" Director - Dan Manatt; Writers, Producers - Dan Manatt & Bryce Bauer (Bethesda, MD)
"Withering" Director, Writer - Caleb Davis; Producer - Josh Gingerich (Wellman, IA)
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