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Iowa Connection Must meet at least ONE (1) of the following.
    Was anyone involved in your production born and/or raised in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, who? What were their jobs on the film? In what cities were they born or raised?
    Does anyone involved in your film's production live, or has lived, in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, who? What role(s) did they fill in the production? In what city do they, or did they, live?
    Does anyone involved in your production work, or has worked, in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, who? What job(s) did they fill in film production? In what cities are these companies located?
    Was anyone involved in your production educated in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, who? What role(s) did they play in production? What school(s) did they attend? In what city/cities is/are the school(s) located?
    Was the film shot or otherwise produced, in whole or in part, in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, in or near which cities was it primarily produced?

If no, where was the film primarily shot and/or produced? (City, State, Country)
    Does your film's story take place, in whole or in part, in the state of Iowa?
    If yes, where in the state is the story primarily set?
Copyright Certification
Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers reserves the right to reassign entries to more appropriate categories, if deemed necessary. Filmmakers will be notified in the event of a change.
Copyright law requires the entrant have written permission from the owner of any material protected by copyright which is used within this entry. Copyrighted material may include, but is not limited to, film/video clips, logos, music and dialogue that have been previously published. If your film contains copyrighted music only, Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers secured the rights for the entry to be shown at the Festival.
An Entry (Entry) to the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival (The Festival) will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by the following statement on behalf of the authors of all the submitted material (The Entrant)

The Entrant acknowledges and agrees as follows:
The Entrant has read, understood and complied with all eligibility requirements of The Festival.
The Entrant agrees to allow The Festival to use its entry and any accompanying materials for The Festival's promotional campaign.
The Entrant has secured all necessary rights and permissions for the Entry to be exhibited at The Festival, and for any images provided to The Festival for publicity purposes. The Entry will indemnify and hold harmless The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival, Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers, Collins Road Theatres, and their agents and assigns from any claims or losses that result from Entrant's failure to obtain necessary rights or permissions, including attorney's fees incurred by the indemnified parties. The Entrant will, at its own expense, defend and indemnify each of the foregoing entities or persons from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, damages costs and expenses (whether by settlement or award of damages made against the indemnified parties by a final judicial judgment or otherwise) by or due to any third party with respect to the infringement or alleged infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or other proprietary right which may be involved in the creation, use, exhibition, or publicity of the Entrant's Entry.
The Entrant holds The Festival, Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers, Collins Road Theatres, and their agents harmless from any damage to or loss of The Entry en route or otherwise during the course of The Festival's possession of The Entry.
Winning entries may be selected for television broadcast, in which case, a release form will be made available with regard to agreement of that presentation.
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