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Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers Announces
The 17th Annual Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival Award Winners

Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers hosted the 17th Annual Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival on Friday and Saturday, April 6 and 7 at the Collins Road Theatres in Marion, Iowa. The Festival showcased the work of filmmakers from across the state and around the world. In accordance with CRIFM's stated mission, all the films screened featured stories or filmmakers with strong connections to the Hawkeye State.

CRIFM’s Director Scott Chrisman was impressed with this year’s slate of films. “Iowa’s filmmakers continue to tell engaging stories,” he said. “The films this year covered the gamut of the human experience and represented Iowa in some very heartfelt ways.”

Gold and Silver Eddy Awards were presented to Professional, Professional-Amateur and Student filmmakers in Feature, Short Form, Documentary, and Freestyle categories.

And the Eddys went to . . .

Professional Feature

Gold: "Snapshots"
Written and Produced by Jan Miller Corran (Oakland, CA), Produced by LeeAnne Matusek (Burbank, CA)
A Production of Three Women in a Box Films Films, www.snapshotsthefilm.com/

Silver: "Amelia 2.0"
Directed by Adam Orton (Cedar Rapids, IA), Written by Rob Merritt (Cedar Rapids, IA)
MORE Production, www.facebook.com/SummerlandProject/

Professional Short Form

Gold: "Tom, The Knife Salesman"
Writer/Director Ryan Brown (Brooklyn, NY)
Last Slice Pictures, www.lastslicepictures.com

Silver: "Someone Else's Hero"
Written by Beth Hinde (Cedar Rapids, IA), Directed by Stephen Folker (Davenport, IA)

Professional Documentary

Gold: "The Barn Raisers"
Directed by Kelly Rundle & Produced by Tammy Rundle (Moline, IL)
Fourth Wall Films, fourthwallfilms.com

Silver: "East Meets West: The First Railroad Bridge To Cross The Mississippi River"
Videography/Editing by Denise Hollmer (Blue Grass, IA), Writer/Director Julie Johnston (Davenport, IA), Produced by Heritage Documentaries

Pro-Am Feature

Gold: "Depression! The Musical"
Directed and Written by Keaton Fuller (Iowa City, IA), Original Music Composed by Landon Sheetz (Iowa City, IA)

Pro-Am Short Form

Gold: "The Gift of the Magpie"
Written and Directed by Anita George (Altadena, CA), Art Direction by Janet Fitzgibbon (West Burlington, IA)
WikWanWo Films, wikwanwofilms.com/the-gift-of-the-magpie.html

Silver: "The Spaceman"
Directed by Tarrell Christie (Cedar Falls, IA), Lead Actor - Lakin Mims (Cedar Falls, IA)
Lost Utopia Films thespacemanshortfilm.weebly.com/

Pro-Am Documentary

Gold: "Camp Algona"
Written and Directed by Gary W. Ewing (Mason City, IA), Produced by Camp Algona POW Museum, Dress Casual Productions

Silver: "The Vision"
Directed and Produced by Lightning N Mitchell (Independence, MO), Music Director - Sandra K Mitchell (Independence, MO)

Pro-Am Freestyle

Gold: "Lament of the Milky Way"
Directed and Cinematography by Kevin J Railsback (Cedar Rapids, IA), Written by Mary Blake, Produced by Karina O'Leary

Silver: "Continuing a Legacy"
Written and Directed by Micah Versemann (Waverly, IA), Produced by Shell Rock Karate Club

Student Short

Gold: "All The Things I Haven't Seen"
Written and Directed by Ben Sulzberger (Ames, IA

Silver: "Man vs. Clay"
Directed and Edited by Oliver Carrell (Des Moines, IA)

Student Documentary

Gold: "A Different Script"
Directed and Produced by Eva Andersen (Center Point, IA), Directed and Produced by Francesca Carter (Cambridge, UK)

Silver: "A Spectrum of Faith"
Directed by Anna Steenson (Des Moines, IA)

Student Freestyle

Gold: "Dyslexia - Vibrant Diversity"
Animation by Anna Steenson (Des Moines, IA)

Silver: "Dear Barbara Park"
Directed by Aaron Olson (Carlisle, IA)

Student Long

Gold: "The Helpers"
Written and Directed by Christopher Metz (Kansas City, MO), Phased Out Productions

Special Awards and Scholarships

In addition to the competitive awards, Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers, their sponsors and fans honored three films with special distinctions:
Collins Road Theatres Scholarship: $1,000 Scholarship awarded each year to a student filmmaker in order to further the recipient's filmmaking education and career.
Produce Iowa - Iowa Connection Award: Given each year to the film that best represents the state and the heart of Iowa filmmaking.
Audience Choice Award: Announced each year at the close of the Festival and is given to the film the Festival attendees have acclaimed as their favorite. The award is determined by secret ballot.

Collins Road Theatres Scholarship

"Man vs. Clay" Oliver Carrell in recognition of his work on the film

Iowa Connection Award

"Amelia 2.0" Adam Orton and Rob Merritt

Audience Choice Award

"A Different Script" Directed and produced by Eva Andersen (Center Point, IA) and Francesca Carter (Cambridge, UK)

About the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival

The Eddy Awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison who, among many other pursuits, was a pioneer in motion picture technology. The term eddy is also defined as "a current moving contrary to the direction of the main current," which is a suitable description for independent filmmakers, who often go against the current trends in mainstream cinema.

For additional information about Cedar Rapids Independent Filmmakers, please visit www.crifm.org or e-mail Scott Chrisman at scott@crifm.org.

The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was created to provide a venue for Iowa filmmakers to screen their work for peers and general audiences. The organization's primary goals are to encourage Iowa independent filmmakers to continue improving their craft, to provide a place to specifically showcase Iowa-connected films, present a unique cultural event to the community, and to offer networking opportunities for the purpose of building the Iowa film industry.
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